Friday, October 23, 2009

Fresh Beat Friday Vol. 8 [Another SMF Preview]

It's that time again!! Fresh Beat Friday!. This week I've decided to give you another taste test of the SMF Project I've been working on. Allow me to explain the premise of the SMF Project:

SMF [Silent Movie Flick] is a production crew that consists of Soy is REAL, Funkee Brand, and Decline. This project is split up into 3 sections; each section is a different movie genre and each one of us has produced a 10-track movie score for 3 different genres. Funkee Brand is kickin it off with drama, Soy is REAL will be producing the fantasy/adventure moive, and Decline will be takin it back with a Blaxploitation movie score.

Enjoy this track from MY score titled "THE EMPEROR"

Don't forget to check out the photos from Sunday Skool Session at REIGN!

Peace & Blessings,