Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm in the Lab and I Ain't Talkin' Bout School

Haha Wat's up folks...
Hope everyone has had a blessed week so far. I'm back here at UCF (yes I am attending school once again) and I'm just chillin' at the MSC as usual. Allow me to update you on my recent activities...

First and foremost, SCHOOOOOOOL!!! I have decided to try school one more time and see how I do, so wish me luck!

In other more exciting news I have been workin hard in the lab cookin up some new headbangers for all you hip hop fiends out there. I'm currently working on my new EP project titled Soul Seekin'. So far I have about half of the beats done, and once that part is completed, I can get to writing and recording this shizzle. I will post a little preview for y'all when I get home tonight so that you can get an idea of where I'm headed with this project...

More importantly, I'd like to send a special birthday shout out to my dad (who is paying for my school once again because I lost my scholarship). I'm grateful that you've put up with so much of my bullcrap and drama and I hope you enjoy your birthday.

As far as upcoming events, don't you dare forget to check out Skillz n'Grillz hosted by the local Koopa Klan. Tickets are on sale NOW for only $10 and if you buy them in advance you get entered in a raffle for a chance to win $30!! Money in the bank ladies and gentlemen. So bboys and bgirls bring your skills and everyone else bring a hungry belly on Jan. 17.

Also don't forget I'm sellin my J3 Pures for $120.00 flat. Really good condition (only worn twice); I still have them in a box and they're REALLY clean (with barely any creases on the toebox).

Also don't forget to check out Secret Saturdays hosted by the wonderful DJ Annalog!!!

Now I'm off the Post Ren Headquarters for some biznazzzzzz...
Stay tuned for more updates folks.

Peace & Blessings,