About Me

"Soy is a local Ozone (Orlando) producer influenced by the classics and none of the modern day so-called "hip hop". His first love was music and that love has influenced him to stick to the roots of his upbringing. Music stays playing in his mind 24/7 with new ideas flowing in and out. I have known this guy for 4 1/2 years now and back then his music was good, but hidden away. He had to build up the confidence to have his work listened to, and now it has become more than anyone would have expected. It has been taken to a new level, music of real life and tribulations. The old stuff is what got people listening, the new level is what has those hooked. I won't say he is a legend, but he's moved many with his sample-based melodies and is well on his way to doing great things with his talent."
- A. Ray