Saturday, August 7, 2010

Reign Presents: FTG (Sean J x Soy)- WTF? Mixtape [Mixed by DJ Sureshot]

Via Carminelitta

Download the Mixtape HERE

"After several weeks of patient waiting (greatly helped by some very nice leaks…) we are finally able to listen to it! FTG aka Flip Them Guys’ mixtape Who The Flip? came out today and it was definitely worth the wait. As I told you in previous articles, this mixtape is a compilation of some tracks Sean J and Soy have made together, whether on Sean’s album A Tree By Itself or on other projects, with Civil Mics members and other MCs. It also contains two exclusives, DILLIGAF and Do better. I had never heard some of the tracks before and it is very cool to realize that the quality level is very high and consistent, which promises a heavy rotation future for Who The Flip?

I already underlined the great talent of Soy as a producer and of Sean J as an MC, whose lyrics and flow are simply impressive, and this mixtape is only a confirmation of this talent, as well as an appetizer, making you want to hear more from the duo. Soy is currently in the Army so that won’t happen before a while, but once again I’m sure it will be worth being patient. What makes the tracks really easy to listen to is the mixture of the very nice atmosphere created by Soy’s chilled and head-nodding productions and Sean J’s seemingly effortless flow. The themes he touches upon are as varied as they were on A Tree By Itself, from ego-trip to ladies, music, life and relationships, which is a great way to discover the different sides of the Gemini’s multiple personality.

All the tracks are great as I said, but I have two special mentions, because they left me speechless, with a big smile on my face. First of all, A Trip to the moon, because of the amazing, beautiful production almost brought tears to my eyes (yes, I’m slightly emotional sometimes…). The combination of all the MCs present on this one (MidaZ, Shinobi Stalin, Unique Assassin, AmIAm, and Illustrate from Grey Matter) works very well too and makes it a track I want to play over and over again. Then, Didn’t I? is a great discovery: Soy is not only a great producer, he is also a talented writer and MC! The production is once again remarkable, giving a very nice old-school feeling, and the lyrics are heartfelt and easy to relate to, telling of the evolution of a relationship that didn’t work out eventually.

Now that you know a little bit more about Who The Flip? it’s time for you to discover it! You can find out more and download it from Sean J’s website and you can also listen to it directly by pressing play just below. Enjoy!"

Peace & Blessings,