Friday, September 11, 2009

Fresh Beat Friday Vol. 3 (9/11 Edition)

Waddup y'all it's Fresh Beat Friday once again...I know a lot of you were expecting me to leak "Soy Kinda Likes Japan: UNCUT" today, buuuut I happened to run into DJ Sureshot at Cleo's Lounge last night and I'm hoping to have the REAL version of the album done by this weekend.
In other news I'd like to give a big shout to King's Offspring for the dope show they put on last night at the AKA Lounge. It's good to help my fellow artists and friends grow musically and I know that these guys will become something great if they stick with it.
Here is a taste of what you missed last night:
"I Am Love" by King's Offspring (Produced by Soy is REAL.)

So without further delay, I give you all a beat I titled "Remember That Day". I'm kinda takin it easy on y'all today since today is 9/'s a rough day for a lot of Americans who lost their loved ones, so this one goes out to them. Take a minute out of your day today to just say a little prayer for those who were affected by the attacks.

and once again, don't forget to come out to Blackbox Collective tomorrow night to see Team HYDRO, Phraydoe Peans, Am I Am, and MORE perform! More details here

Peace & Blessings,