Friday, August 21, 2009

Back Again...

Yes yes y'all...I know I have been slackin on this log, but I have not abandoned it...I simply got caught up in this thing we call "life".
But enough about that, your boy Soy has been puttin in maaaaad work in the lab and has decided to finally update this blog with some new joints I've been working on...yes that means FREE downloads.

Add these songs to your MP3 Player, burn 'em to a CD...shoot post it on YOUR blog or website...I don't care. Love is love, just remember where you got these joints from.

Evidence- The Layover (SoyIsReal Remix)

Homegrown Ozone:
Knaladeus feat. Soy- What Soy Said (Produced by Soy)
Mygrane McNastee- Do Me (The First X-Rated Hip Hop Song w/ NO CURSING haha)(Produced by Soy)

Enjoy the free music my friends...I promise you that you will hear more from me soon.

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Peace & Blessings,